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New Stuff ;D

2010-07-30 17:08:33 by Imaru

i'm back, with some new s''t. Drawings made a couple of days ago, and soon, a new flash animation- i'll update it once i'm done

bye for now :D

Soon, my show =DSo

2009-07-01 00:34:51 by Imaru

Soon enough----you'll know----- what bothers him

XD my own talk show, soon, on Newgrounds =D

Soon--- images xD and the Trailer---

soon--- you'll know what he thinks

Wow! Awesome!!

2008-12-27 14:18:31 by Imaru

Well, after i'm done with The Awesome, parody of the Warriors, i going to make an Awesome, which i don't see arround here.... i'm going to make Awesome Slug, an animation of the really famous game Metal Slug, i was thinking in this before, when i was talking with my friend, Kenshin, who makes the voices in The Awesome, we talked about a lot of parodies and that's was a really idea mountain... ok, when i'm done with them, i'll going to update inmediatly... that's all.

See ya people, hope you like it!


Wow! Awesome!!


2008-12-27 02:21:51 by Imaru

Ok, i was working with my friend,Kenshin, doing my own Awesome cartoon, inspirated by Egoraptor, he is great, i'm his fan, and ah... you know, i hope you can watch it when i'm done... before, i know that my first animation is a little poor, but i make that with a little hurry cuz' i wanna post here the fastest i can... and i can't put some subtitle, that ruined it, but i... still working with Flash and i can grow up with that... jeje, ok, thanks for watch my animations, you people are great, and i love NewGrounds...
Coming Soon, The Awesomes, parody of the great game, The Warriors, for PS2...
You can't miss it XD